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This is a great story and one many of us can relate too. You have some great decriptions here and I felt her tension as she rushed past the others to the counter. I felt the dissappointment when it was gone. And I KNOW what it feels like to loose something on Ebay. Great job. Thanks for putting me "there." Keep up the great work. (and I hope she finds some shoes)
You really took me on this shopping excursion...I was hoping she would get the purse. Then I loved the transition to shoes (when the purse was no where to be bought). :) Good work writing this.
Great delivery. You hit the topic right on too, I'd say. Keep up the good words.
Cute story. Exactly why I don't like to shop! LOL!
Cute story. Good example of the topic.
Ha, Ha, been there done that, loved the story and the true Diva she is went thru the proper cycle of anger, regret, solace, and on to the next conquest. Good job!!!
Thank you for reminding me why I hate shopping so much!
Seriously, you did a great job here. Your descriptions were great and the MC's emotions just right.
Can't keep a good shopper downat least not for long. Great story.
Man alive, I'd NEVER spend that much for a purse!

Cute story, I could feel her frustration!
What woman doesn't see herself in this? Great job!
Oooh. I could feel for her. going to all that trouble and not getting such a good deal-a bargain shopping diva myself-I know what a pain it is to deal with resigned salesclerks and pesky qauntity boxes in the online shopping cart. You made this very realistic and I liked the end where she decided to check for shoes.
Went shopping with your mc, and it didn't cost me a thing. I'm glad that she got over her frustration. Good take on the topic.