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This is a SERIOUSLY awesome poem. I love so much of it--the imagery is fantastic--but my favorite is the irnoy at the end, where you give her tea and let her out for fresh air. Great poetic tools, and marvelous work all-around.
Wow! You have heightened the gamut for every poetry writer here. Incredible.
Inspiring on soo many levels!
Your words have blessed me indeed!
Would it be wrong to say, "I wish I had written this stupendous poem"? Every word was precisely just the right one for sound and meaning.
Wow! Awesome in every way...imagery, word selections, meaning. You nailed it.
Oh. My. The imagery is perfect--and the details, Wow. The details are enough to make chills run down my back. Super...truly.
Wow, wow, and wow. This is incredible. Awesome. Truly amazing. (Can't think of anymore fantastic words -- but you get the point.)
Fabulous! I am ever amazed by excellent poetry. Any great writing is challenging, but to add in the constraints of writing in a poetic form and come up with something like this...absolutely wonderful!
Wonderful personification and so many apt and accurate descriptions of regret. This poem is perfect in every way.
God is totally in this piece. It is truly anointed straight from HIs mind to your hand. This line especially drew me in:
We fold her up, stuff her
into a trunk and slide it
under the bed in the guest room.
Houdini-sly, she jimmies the lock,
escapes with a wicked grin
to the attic.

Wow, this is awesome! I love the way you personified regret, great imagery. Very thought-provoking as well, how we can get used to things we were never meant to live with and sometimes even accomodate them. Fantastic!!
Masterfully written. I'm in awe.
The personification of regret - I love this - the images are so vivid, the whole piece bathed in a sadness that draws the reader in and holds them there... excellent!
Great personification!
I love the ending.
Thanks for the brick or I might have pssed this by. No words to say what hasn't already...incredible!
I super sincerly like this. I mean, I enjoyed reading it and apprecated the talent and anointing of the writing, and the dry witty sense of humor. Excellent job again, Leigh. You "wow" me every week.
God Bless.
Oh I like this. I think it's a new favorites of yours for me. My only note was this one line:

with her black-opal-ringed hands

I think you could've omitted the "her", but that's just me, the rest of it read wonderfully and I really liked how you described her...and lol-actually let her out for air! That's brave...I would just give her the tea! ^_^
If I review this, I'm only posting words. Trust me when I say that just wouldn't be enough. Excellent work.
This style intrigued me. The lesson is flawless.
Absolutely beautiful and creative...loved the pictures!
Congratulations on 2nd place!!!!!!!!
I was so happy to see this place so high because it truly is extraordinary. Congratulations.
Leigh -- Congratulations on your EC and 1st place in Masters! This piece is awesome, and I'm so glad to see it place at the top. Way to go.
Super!! Congrats on your level placing and your EC!!
Your writing is so, so blessed and inspired. Thank-you for sharing your talent and wonderful spirit. Congratulations, too on your well deserved win/placement.
This work of exquisite poetry is a masterpiece! Great work and congratulations on your win!
God Bless
***Congratulations, Leigh! Awesome writing!***
Powerful poem about the wrong way to take thoughts captive.
This was a sobering thought "...chants ill-omens throughout
the day, counts mistakes
to lull her asleep at night."
A well deserved EC.
Very smooth flowing poem. Congrats on the win.
"Just a tiny space is all she needs!" WOW.. this one blew me away.. so true.. so human.. priceless writing that took great skill.. you deserved the win... congrats!
D. J.
Congratulations on your well deserved placing with this touching and so true to life poem.
This is beautiful! Should have won first place. Kudos to the author for not hitting us over the head with a "spiritual" message and/or the seemingly obligatory Scripture reference...but getting the message across far more strongly than either of those obvious methods would have. All this and it's real live poetry to boot!

Well done!