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The ending is so, SO clever! That little extra spark that ties it into the topic without "breaking the rules." Enjoyed this.
I enjoyed reading this. A wonderful example of how God uses our mistakes for His glory.
Very creative and well presented. I enjoyed this one.
Wow! Creative and engaging. Wonderfully written. Loved the ending.
How clever. Writing right there on the edge, eh? lol! Love this story!
Cheeky! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps 'predestined' rather than 'predestinated'?
God bless you.
So often I have felt like Herkimer, the clumbsy part. I loved this story, you did a great job.
Now that was worth finding with the right clue :)
I loved this story! Very clever. Oh yes, I can definitely see this illustrated in a children's book. Especially Herkimer tripping and the stars going everywhere! Well done JD!
Hey thats good. It was funny and the ending was great. I really enjoyed it!
Ah ha! So that's what happened! Very clever and the last line is classic. Love everything about your story-so good!
This whole piece just sparkles. I can't wait to read it to my children...LOVE it!
Charming and grin-inducing.
I absolutely love thisyour writing is super and your theology is right on!
This is excellent! Your writing shines like the stars in your story.
I feel that we have a placer here, I can't wait till Thursday to see. Masterful work here.
Ooh, This is simply delightful! I laughed at the end and it was just perfect here. I felt as if I could read more and more of this to know what happened. I liked how you had everything as if I were right there and watching it all happen. The name was cute too! this is a favorite of mine this week! Cute! ^_^
Delightfully creative--well done.
My 8-year-old daughter and I really enjoyed this. What a sweet story with a graet lesson. Very well written.
Congratulations on your EC!!!! Love it!
Wow! Is this two weeks in a row? Congrats on your EC and level placing with this!!!
Congratulations on your EC. This is really delightful. I'd love to see this as an illustrated children's book. Great job with the topic.
Fantastic. Definitely would make a good children's book. What a delight.
Beautiful story. Congrats on the win.
Congratulations on your EC. THis story begs to be published with beautiful, glittery pictuers. Great job!
I absolutely love that story. I love being able to look into heaven that way. Cool!
We love it!!!! I laughed and cried, Samantha laughed; how brilliant! REALLY GOOD!!! And it was so amazing how you truly communicated the character of God the Father, so loving, so gentle, and so all-knowing. AWESOME! And then the end, ..."the Milky Way"! Beautiful!