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ROFL! Okay, you had me laughing all the way through this. There are so many of those cliches in here and the dialouge using them was just too hilarious, it made me smile as I read an understood thier predicament, the ending is just perfect though-awesome writing, this is one of my favorites for this week! ^_^
This is amazingly clever. I am sure you had an absolute blast writing it - I certainly enjoyed the read.
Very creative! (Plenty more future topics for the Homespun Wisdom challenges in here!)
This is great! One of the most creative pieces I've ever read on this site.
Very creative writing! Hilarious, simply hilarious!
OUTSTANDING! I was ready to give a standing ovation! I hope to see a ribbon for this piece.
This is just what Fine and Dandy would love! Oh my, this must have taken you ages to write! You should write fiction more often. This is brilliant!
This was a masterpiece! I'm such a huge fan of word play, and this just killed me.

I did catch a few minor boo-boos..."by" for "buy", and "it's" for "its".

I could have read more, more, more of this!
I always feel guilty when I use a cliché. I feel SOOOOOO much better now. Thanks for this great piece.
Who said writers should steer clear of cliches? This was a really fun read. Thumbs up.
Ha! -- This was great and SO MUCH FUN to read. How incredibly creative! I LOVE IT!
Creative,fantastic and fun! MORE PLEASE!
Ooohhhh...this is so cool! How'd you EVER think of all those cliches?! Clever, clever, clever! Very good and-I mean that with all my heart...( ;
Loved your cliches and how you fitted each in so perfectly. Great job.
Very creative! Here's my favorite line. "There were lots of fat ladies there, and no one was singing."

As far as writing advice, I have no clue...was too distracted with the story to notice anything. That's a good thing, right?
Wow! This must have taken you forever! I am in awe :)