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I liked your title and I liked the story even better. You made it real with descriptions like taking off his rubber boots to help out the fire and then using the example of the ants. This was good. Nice work. ^_^
Very well written. This story really captured my interest.
Amazingly vivid descriptions and a wonderful sense of place. I felt like I was there, and going through the same emotions they were. Very nicely done.
Great story. Your descriptions made me feel like I was right there watching the events unfold.
Wow! I felt like I was in the line of people passing water to you. I like the great hope that you left us with. Thank you!
Escellent! You kept my attention from beginning to end, and through your vivid descriptions I felt I was there.
EXtremely moving and engaging piece. I cried at the end.
I really like this--the details are just right, and the hope at the end is the crowning touch. Nice job!! Hugs!! :-)
Superb from title to the ending. I loved it. God bless.
Such wonderful descriptions, so glad he stayed. Great title too, it's a joyous time when we ca see God in the little details.
I love stories that tell of perserverance. You did a fantastic job in the telling of this story. Well done!
Very good story of determination. Good example.
A wonderful story. I will admit, I started crying when I read "Their faces showed mingled expressions of fear and hunger…hunger for God’s truth."
That's what it's all about isn't it... a hunger for God's truth. I loved your title too. So good from start to finish!
Awesome--loved every bit of it; the setting was very real. The verse you picked for the end was absolutely right, too.
Though my "jungle" is a concrete one, I understand Pastor Eduardo's feelings. Your description is great and the message was just right for my day.
Wonderful story! When I got to your piano descriptions with the always flat middle "C" I was engrossed. Loved the "monkey teeth". :) Your ant lesson at the end was PERFECT. I love everything about this entry. Awesome writing.
You sure know how to deliver a point. Not a word wasted or without purpose. A very thoughtful and successful piece. You have a true talent, Yvonne!
Congratulations on 3rd place!!! I'm so Happy for You!!!! Enjoy the top of the ant hill!!!!! :)
***Congratulations, Yvonne! Soon you'll be in masters!***
Vonnie--Congrats on your level placing and your EC!! I'm very excited for you!
Congratulations on your EC. Great job.
Wonderful story! I love the hope coming out of dispair. And how he let the ants show him that life hadn't stopped. Congratulations on your EC. Looking forward to reading more from you.