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Heehee, a red face indeed. This read like an actual memory-slice of life, kinda. I'm glad that Olivia decided to give it another go again, it's amazing what stage fright can do-you know? Nice job and I liked how her perspective of Aaron changed. Nice job. ^_^
Nice characterization especially. Good fit for the topic. This read as very realistic. Good job.
Great piece. I loved the dialogue and descriptions.
Maybe not in this particular way, but I would imagine that we've all "been there, done that" at on time or another. Good example.
Very good story and do I see a little hint of a childhood romance in the making?
This is what I have been missing. Very good illustration of the topic. Great characterization I could feel all of the emotions. Hope to read more from you. God bless.
OH, boy, can I relate to this story. I can't tell you how many times I squeaked through the special music at church. It certainly made my skin thicker. YOur ending melted my heart. Not only the romance of it, but the message of WHO it is that we sing to in the first place. It's not about US--it's about HIM. Great job!
Kit, you captured the MC's feelings perfectly. Oh yes, the back pew in church... all the goofballs sit there. Is that a world-wide phenomenon I wonder?
I'm glad she decided to give it another go. This really covered the topic perfectly. Well done!
Very, very well-done, this really captures the feeling, and also a certain nostalgic atmosphere.
I could feel her embarrassment (I still can't spell that word!! grrrr) and dread of going back in. I loved how he said she'd done a great job on the first line. *grin*
Can't we all feel this kind of pain? We've all done something similar, I'm sure. Nice work.
You described her agony well by showing it to us. The story was a little unrealistic--I don't know anyone who would have another go at singing after that! Regardless, you drew us in and made us feel bad with her.
I could definitely relate to this! I really appreciate the advice to focus on who you're singing to. That always helps me.
Very well done. I also believe there is a poet in a you as well. Some very well crafted and delivered lines. Great heart and soul. I truely enjoyed this.
What a great ending - took me completely by surprise.