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You did a very good job of creating this world in just a few words. Certainly a bizarre place. Love the girl's questions.

I caught some typos and "off" words (new instead of knew, for instance), but nothing a proofread wouldn't catch.

This was a very interesting read.
Wow! I love your opening paragraph...your "In the inner crustacean of forgotten minds lurks the meaning of free expression" started if off and I was amazed at your word choices... I'm thinking that maybe your typos are deliberate -- to stay in character with your MC and the whole "Wisdom of Men"... then your -a little child shall lead them- section. Very good work on this totally creative/different entry.
This is an interesting piece. Thank you for sharing.
The ethereal intricacies of light wave interaction with the retina of our existence as proliforators endwells a truth of macrodynamic purpose in the mundane methods of malfunction we call reading.

In other words: I'm glad my eye caught this. It was a fun read.
Great contrast shown here between the wisdom of men and that of God. I love the touch of the child in the piece.