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You are SOOOOOOOO clever. This is really great stuff.
Action-packed and full of excellent descriptions. Your MC keeps some strange company. :-)
Toooooo funny! That's Better than a 3 ringed circus! LoL.
Great opening line. And after that it just kept on getting better. Deliciously surreal. Not sure that I can detect any moral or spiritual application, but maybe that’s not the point. Anyone for a cream pie in the face?!
What fun! A very entertaining read.
Way Kool, creative and fun to read. God bless.
What a riot, especially the ending!
Being in "management" is the pits. How he kept all this together, has to be because he understands the heart of a clown.
That was so good! I could visualise everything. Your poor long suffering MC is like a patient father with a bunch of unruly kids. Very, very clever.
Heehee, too funny here. Lots of descriptive stuff, even though I may have missed the point here, lol. I kinda feel sorry for the monkey though-the bit with 'stinky' that was cute at the end where he's still trying to make his real 'name' heard. Nice job. ^_^
Maxx, you just slay me. This is hilarious, and also brilliant. And also, a little bit scary. (LOL)
Loved the dialog with the monkey, this was a fun read, indeed!
Creative and very well written. A fun read.
Maxx-- once again, you blew me away! Hilarious! I would love to see you and Jan put your heads together for a project! Oh my!