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What an interesting take on the topic. enjoyed this article very much Greaat writing! Thanks.
I think what intrigued me the most about this piece is that I couldn't quite figure out "which side you were on" on this issue. You seemed to present a good argument for both sides without demeaning either. Much to ponder here. (Of course, maybe I'm wrong and I missed your "view") Regardless, I enjoyed this.
I feel that as true believers, we have to associate with others who do not yet know the Savior.
How then can we win them to His fold?Am I right?
Your story shows two kinds of Christians.
Yet in both types, you are showing that : a wise child of God must KNOW where to draw the line exactly.
Otherwise how can we follow Jesus as we learn "His fishing tactics?"
Well done friend!
VERY well done, and quite thought-provoking. I'm very glad I read this one. I think Suzanne's absolutely doing the right thing.
Very nice. This one provides a lot of food for thought.
Fine writing. Held my interest and food for thought. God bless.
I agree you versed both sides of the arguement very well. I liked the way the conversations and the story flowed. It just may be me, but I was thrown a little bit by the last paragraph as it seemed to change in POV of the story. However, it was well said, nonetheless.
You did a great job of presenting both sides of this issue clearly, without resorting to creating caricatures of one side or the other. Well written, too!
I'm cheering for Suzeanne! She was good and I'm glad that she was really trying, you had both sides of one story here and that was really good. Nice job. The ending though was a bit of a twist there, I think. Nice job. ^_^
This is a strong entry. I liked the message and wasn't thrown too much by the ending. Good!
Good on your MC for not dumping her unsaved friends. She was being condemned for associating with 'sinners'. But then, so was Jesus. Well written.