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Funny, funny, funny--and not only on topic, but on topic about 5 or 6 times! I love this gal's voice, and I'd love to hang out with her. This made my day.
I snickered through this and I loved every minute of it. The voice is fabulous and fits the piece perfectly, no, it makes the piece. You nailed this on the head--many times. Loved it!!
Whoa! I'm dizzy. That was fun!
LOL I just loved listening to your MC. I could hear her speaking all the way through.
You have great skill with the hammer... you hit the nail over and over.
Your MC's voice made me laugh. Lots of twists and turns here. It's more fun than a roller coaster!
This is just too amusing and funny. At times I thought I was reading of someone's dream. Nonetheless, the moral was entertaining and well delivered and I enjoyed a glimpse into the minds of these affable ladies.
I enjoyed this. Wonderful voice. Very creative take on the topic. Well done.
I really, really, really enjoyed reading this. The MC stole he show for me. I love great character developement, and you created one of the more memoriable I have read here. Outstanding job. You write so good, the entire entry could look like one large paragraph and I would still read it, because you make me want to with your lively style. Did I say I liked this?
God bless.
This is hilarious. I love the voice -- I have a complete mental picture of this woman. Great example(s) of the topic.
I'm out of breath. What a great MC you've created. I loved all the back and forth encounters with one group or another and the frenetic pace. Now I need to go lie down.
LOL! This is just too funny. I was with her, the voice and everything. It was as if I was tagging along with her shadow through all of these escapades. I love how she had to zig-zag back and forth and finally found a good church with a compassionate pastor and even changed around the Gold Diggers club. ^_^ A very fun read! ^_^
Bueno! Your funny is funnier than my funny! Very well done! I knew it from the first line...
This is an amazing take on the topic - and you hit the nail on the head time and again as characters kept judging each other - often leaping to the wrong conclusions. Also very, very funny.
Long story short: I love, love, love, love, love this entry. It made me laugh, it was EXTREMELY creative, and it nailed the topic on every possible level. This one is a keeper FOR SURE!
Bravo on writing a story that is one of my favorite entries I've read in a long time. A+ in characterization. This was one of my Favorites this week, for what that's worth. God Bless.
I'm still snickering as I sit her and try to compose myself enought to write a comment. This is hilarious. I LOVE how she keeps getting judged by the company she's keeping, even though she's trying to do right. Bravo. A+++. Blessings!