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Very nicely written. Good character development.Enjoyed this read - a good cautionary tale.
A good reminder that "cult" churches have many nice, decent, kind people caught up in them. It's difficult to know, just by socializing, if the message of the church is scripturally sound. Good dialogue!
This is the first entry I've seen on cults for this topic. It's a good fit and an important message.
Really creative entry!

I had a few questions, though--why didn't the cult try to recruit her? And why were the non-Christian girls so up on cults? Maybe some questions that could have been answered with more words, huh?

Your writing really drew me in; I had to know if she'd get "culted"!
Cults are scary because many of them seem so "normal". I think you made this point. I want to know what happened. Did she talk to James again? Nicely done.
An enjoyable read. I guess James wasn't as glittery as he seemed. Amazing how some of these stories are applicable to more than one proverb. :-)
Great example of this week's topic and very contemporary with our lives. It brings to mind the phrase "birds of a feather, flock together" and how easily we judge and are judged by those we just hang out with.
Wow, you just never know. This was well done and a joy to read. Thans for the tale, keep writing.
"What did Steph know about cults?" The fact that this label came from someone who was at best an infrequent church goer would make me instantly suspicious---of HER intentions. That was a nice bit of plotting!

This entry could grow into a novel, as I see so many avenues to explore (even Walter Martin gave credit to the "cults" he wrote about for noticing and emphasizing something that mainstream denominations were neglecting).

Thank you for leaving a comment on my entry, too. I do appreciate you, dear friend!