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Gulp, gulp--trying to get the lump out of my throat.
This is a beautiful tribute to our men and women in uniform, and a nice take on the topic.
You put me right in the middle of this heartwrenching scene. Wonderful descriptions and real emotion.

Not 100% sure I see the tie-in to the topic, but I'm sure it's my scattered brain.
A woman is known by the company she keeps, too, and this MC is keeping the finest kind of company! Good story, and I, too, have a sad feeling for this family. Great characterizations.
A sensational ending. I was guessing and guessing but I still got it wrong. The title suggested an affair but family life seemed much too normal. A great tribute. And what an understanding, caring husband!
Enjoyed the ending, I was sure she was going to the hospital.....Hope she makes it back. Love the family details.
All kinds of possibilities were going through my mind—yours wasn't one of the them, I'm afraid. The title probably threw me off—I was thinking infidelity. Very nice surprise. Well done.
Oh my! I'm sitting here crying like a baby. What a marvelously moving story. I too thought it was a family splitting up. But I wasn't expecting the real reason you MC was leaving.
Your descriptions were wonderful; I loved "and slowly climbed out of bed, one body part at a time" and "Her dark curls bounced in time to her excitement". You have done a superb job here. Well done!
Wow! SO well done. I was trying to figure out where she was going, and you kept me guessing till the end. We often forget how difficult it is for our troops to leave their families. Even though your MC is fictional, her story is not. I'm going to let her stand in for all the enlisted moms out there and thank for her service.
You kept me guessing until the end. Perhaps a subtle clue or two at the beginning would help to foreshadow the ending. This is well-written and filled with real emotions. Good job.
This is so powerful. You have a great gift of not only engaging the reader's emotions, but your words virtually jump out in visual images, letting them see everything going on.
Just exceptional, Sherry!! I was definitely gulping back tears. I can see why it's a favorite of yours. So moving!
Heroic entry in every way.
Oh, you've teared me up! Excellent work - I can see why it's one of your favorites.
This was a hard read ... and that is good. I remember 'those' days as my dad left for that many months at a time. VERY good job writing.
This is very well written! The story shows us it's a happy family, shows the heart-wrenching of separation, the pride she has for her job and country. A tear-jerker! Great job!