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Good story. It certainly didn't go in the direction I thought it was going:) It was right on topic!
As a baseball fan, I enjoyed this. Who hasn't sat behind someone bigger, louder, and "uninformed" at a game!?!

Good job of expressing the theme.
I'm not a baseball fan but the story held my interest from begining to end. Great job writing on topic.
Glad for him that she showed her true colors early. Nice job with topic. Keep up the good words.
Great entry for the topic - you made the characters very believable. Nice job.
I loved the title and the story. It read very smoothly and both character's personlities were well done.
Again, loved it!
A very good reminder to those us of ladies who try to use our smiles and such to cover up what's really in our hearts. It's a good lesson to remember that "from out of the heart spring the issues of life." Funny thing, I could totally see myself being a "Meredith," and my hubby being a "Grady." So trusting, so innocent, so excited and then, so tuned in to the truth! But, he married me so he can't leave me at the curb...he loves me too much! Good story, Mom! Inspiring & Motivating!