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The drama queen gets her wings clipped....and literally brought back to earth! A magical piece... I could see this in an illustrated book. Excellent!
This 'Wow'zer' story thrilled my kids. My eight-year-old said "This is interesting. It's the best."

I could picture the story, the doll, the girl, the faires, the wings. Great descriptions. I loved the line whey she was flying. I felt like I was soaring with her.

I chuckled at the ending line, "I'll stick to legs..." LOL. It was all an entertaining children's story and then you added the author's note. This took the story to another level. Ouch. Great job.
Loved it that at 6 she was able to learn a lesson, Very creative. Loved the scripture tie in too!
Delightful. Love the "magic" of this piece.
This is precious!
I loved this story! It's your first children's story, huh? Don't stop now! I think Kristen's kids would like to read more (and us, too!) Great writing!
In Jessica, you have captured the voice of a child. You have a gift for writing childrens' stories.
Oh, I was a child again, wishing for wings. Wonderful children's story! And of course, on topic. :) Cat
Enjoyed this delightful children's story, with imagination and a lesson.
Excellent! I've got a soft spot for stories with little girls in them, and this one went right to that spot.
I loved the way you enclosed a terrfic message in the brightest of wrappings and topped it with magical ribbons.
Loved this entry. All I can say is WOW.
How special. I love this.
Great message and I couldn't wait to read the ending and see what happened. Thanks for 'taking me away' for a bit.
Wonderful article.
This was a lot of fun. I liked how you wove the doll throughout, and, of course, the ending.
You had some great elements in here! First off-I love fairies-and you certainly had me riveted in wanting to see what would happen next. It was cute to have Molly along for the adventure. The ending is so funny though, you made me laugh here-wings vs. legs. Great job with the door of wOw that was really neat! ^_^
Oh this is cute! Very enjoyable look through the window of imagination of a child. Great job!
This was soooo good. A perfect child's tale, magically told in a voice that would please and be understood by any age child.
Personally, I wanted her magical fairies to be real, but there is this real world we must contend with, isn't there. Great job. Delilghtful writing.
This delightful story would make a great drama presentation. You made us see the precious, precocious child very clearly. The humorous twist at the end was perfect.
Very impressive!!!!!
Loved it from the title to the end. I think you have a future in this business. Great, entertaining job. God bless.
WoW! What a GREAT children's story! And I LOVED it! I soooo enjoyed reading this. Right on the money in every way.
Congrats on Highly Commended. You go, girl!