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Delightful and fun. I think you have "dated" yourself (if this is who I think it is LOL). A very fun read.
I really like the message of this one - sometimes the dreams we think are "smaller" are actually where true happiness can be found, if they are part of God's perfect plans.
I would suggest that watch your rhymes; the line "That famous I would be" sounds unnatural, like it the rhyme was forced.
Keep up the good work!
What a fun poem! I think we all have high hopes like that. Then we kind of have to come to terms with reality and just thank God for what we have. I love how the words flowed so well together, though I must admit, I don't know who most of those people are! I guess I have some homework to do, lol. Great poem :)
I read this poem aloud and loved it! So true to life and right on topic. Excellent writing.
Cute poem of the vain imaginings of youth that we have all experienced.
Excellent! You're becoming one of my favorite FW poets.
Your title is perfect. I love the little girl dreams. I think we (girls) can all relate to this. I played "Five Foot Two" on the organ growing up. :) Very nice work on this.
Thank you for this - especially the last stanza. I could relate to the little girl dreams and now I entertain my kids.
Oh, dear friend! This is so precious in every way! What a delightful poem with just the right mix of wit, fun, and profundity! You write in such an appealing and engaging way! Like all of your admirers, I love your style too. You're a pro!
Love this poem. I remember "skating" around my living room with the Olympics. And then we grow up! Great job!
Great work with a story-telling poem. Kudos!
I'm smiling at the simple perfection of this poem. Your work continues to amaze and inspire me.
Aww! This reminds me of wanting to 'be' those very same people! Right now I'm probably rooting for the 'big cause'. ^_^ You're really, really good at this, Verna! Another lovely piece! ^_^
In my book, being
"A wife, a mother, teacher, too,"
Is a great and noble cause, always worthy of applause.
Beautiful, Verna. So simple, and so true. The voice and meter were perfect. Excellent example of this topic.
Linda, my dear Linda...What a poet you are. I've been learning a little here and there about the mechanics of the art, and from what I can tell, this was spot on perfect, besides meaningful and WORTH the time. Excellente! God bless.
Of course I meant. Verna, my Dear Verna... (:
I'm gettin' old sister, way old. Forgive me (:
God bless.
You nailed it with this one Verna! It's so perfect! Topic/story in rhyme/intertaining - all of it. Loved it Verna.