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Prime example of mankind too big for his britches. What makes us think we can handle the universe when we can't manage to handle our garbage. Very good story and lots to think on.
Noooo! The story can't be over. I want to read more. This had me on the edge of my seat. Love the suspense. Love it.

[One red inky thing (which you probably noticed after hitting submit) " air born" should be airborne.]
Eerie and frightening at once! I like the pace of this. I wish there was room for more character development, to help the reader identify more strongly. I would definitely like to read an expanded version. Excellent wrting.
Very intriquing piece of writing.
Yes! Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it's wise--true about so much these days.

Here's my nitpick--how's he writing this? And for what audience? Hmmmmmm?

That aside, this is super; I love sci-fi, especially when it's heavy on the "sci". I'd read the book of this.
Yea Jan, if he isn't breathing and writing this then that means...that the dead can be raised in the future!! Maxx, this would definitely make a great plot for a book and you could lace it with plenty of subplots along the way.
WoW. I'm speechless.
The opening line is my favorite, I was wondering where all the talk was going in the beginning, but it smoothed out all right when it got to the end. The last line made me laugh. Nice work. ^_^
A boat load of suspense in your entry, Maxx. I can see it expanded, too, and would like to know more, actually, about the man and his ideas. I had the same question as Jan after I got to the did he write this account if he was...not breathing? You have a story-telling gift, and no matter the little problems, it's a great story for the reader.