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I was going to do a bunny hill story and changed my mind, I'm glad I did because this says it all. Hope you have fun on the slopes.
VERY well-written! I even snorted a few times.

The last paragraph fizzled just a little bit for me, but all in all, this was utterly delightful. 5 stars!
Excellent writing, right on topic, and your humor is just right...not overdone.
I love this reality story with snowflakes of humor blended in. I was engaged the whole time, and it certainly was a great way to express the message of the topic. Great verse at the end, too.
Oooh, I'm sitting here, bundled in a blanky, and your story made me feel even COLDER! The descriptions are wonderful and I really felt for the MC and her humiliation. I'd never make it even TO the chair lift so rah for her! Great story.
Very engaging story. It keeps the reader right there and involved in what was going on. The light humor was good, too and the message couldn't be missed.
You made telling a story look so simple, which we know isn't always the case. Great job.
The humor is nicely inserted in the end, with the snow-plow, your somewhat sarcastic remarks kept me smiling as I read about snowplowing and the bunny hill. Great job here! ^_^
Your story is perfect and very entertaining. (I went skiing once too. ;) ) You definitely are on topic and your ending is great!
Loved the voice in this. YOur story reminded me of the videos of my sister's first (and last) ski trip. I refuse to even try. Good job!
This was my favorite line - "I was afraid that I would not take to the sport because two of my least favorite things are being cold or wet." Amen! LOL Enjoyed this. Great job with the humor!