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Awww! I liked this honest and cute story from the Caterpiller's point of view. So much fun, especially when he was trying to speed up the whole process only to learn just how valuable it really was and vital to him when he became a butterfly. This could be a children's story, it's short and down-to-earth. Good job. ^_^
I love the title--it's just right for the story and it made me want to read this. I love the voice and I could see illustrations for this. It was delightful and it taught a lesson and about monarchs--double cool! Great job! :-)
I think you have the nugget of a great illustrated children's story here, and it made me remember walking through a cloud of monarchs one special day while on the coast of California. Unforgettable!
This was quite interesting to read, besides being written very well. I always love learning new things, and even though I've admired butterflies all my life, I didn't know most of these facts. Thanks for the nature lesson.
Excellent! I love the POV of the caterpillar, and it is equally as engaging for adults as it would be for children.
I agree with everyone else. What a great story full of interesting tidbits and just fun stuff. A great life lesson as well. Enjoy where you are right now- God is preparing you for something greater in the future.
A true example of crawling first, loved the nature tie-in. Keep up the good words.