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He had it made indeed. I like the short ending piece where Russ is repeating the earlier thoughts that had gone through his friend's head. That was a good glimpse of him. I think there was a typo, it was supposed to be "A childhood friend" the "a" is missing? Could just be me. This was interesting to read. ^_^
I enjoyed this story. Good reminder that slow and steady often does win the race, but I might have had trouble staying on track if I'd inherited a chunk of cash too. This would be a good story for high school kids to read, not that they'd listen but you never know. Anyway, good job illustrating the topic.
I really like how you repeated the thoughts (with the twist) from the beginning. Great message. Keep it up.
Great job of contrasting the two fellows. This is a good story--and in reference to the conversation we had at the restaurant, it's not "sweet" at all! You're branching out! Well written.
Good job illustrating the contrast of the topic with Aubrey and Russ. You hit it from both sides...
Great story of contrasts. Enjoyable read.
Good characterizations and I also like the contrasts between the two friends. You are spot on with the topic, too.