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ROFL! I am literally laughing out loud as I read this, it is just too, too funny! I was with your MC, who just wanted to do 'stuff'. The witty dialouge and the little sarcastic remarks kept me reading throughout this whole part. The really best piece though was the punch and kick before she stalked off. That made me laugh out loud. Great job here with the humor-I think you nailed it, this is definitely a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
Sounds just like something I would do. We have a truck like that...
Light hearted, you got. Topic right on as well. A totally engaging entry.
Oh my, the flat tire line just did me in. Awesome.
01/28/08've just proved the adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Very funny and spot on for the topic.
This was very entertaining. Here's my favorite line:
I cant explain the high I got from tackling something sososonot girly.

Love it!

Oh this was so funny! I enjoyed reading every word. Right on topic. Great job!
(smile) Funny! I wanted to hear all the other stories! Too bad you had a word limit!
Well done!
Creative title with a lot of fun in this!
What a classic - you really cracked me up with this article. Can't believe they looked at the headlights for a 'whomp' sound.
Funny, funny story. I'd love to read more.
Great opening paragraph and love the MC's voice. Enjoyable all round.
This is so, so funny and so true to life. Your writing style is so realistic that you can't help believe everyword of it. Great job!
I sincerely enjoyed it.
This perfectly delightful story has a wonderful voice. I loved it.
This was so clever.....LOVE the flat tire!!!
Oh my! I am gasping for breath here! What a hoot of a story. This was wonderfully funny.

You HAVE to write all about the first paragraph!

Well done on your placings this week.
This story had me giggling aloud in places. It was a nice mood lifter after a rough morning.