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Ok, you got me, hook, line, and stinker.
Now, of course, I know why the cars looked like toys, and why he felt that someone was watching.
You kept me on the edge of my seat, of course, because of the deceptively grown-up vocabulary, but who knows what's going on in the mind behind that innocent sounding babbling? Very clever.
Aha! I was thoroughly caught up in this delightful piece. The ending is a real kicker, I put together the little clues afterwards, but it was so much fun to read the progression and then the thoughts/prayers! Just too funny! Really great writing! ^_^
Oh! You got me! I loved it. How many times have I seen this? (ok, lots!!) You really nailed it--good job! :-)
Absolutely adorable... great suspense, I was there with you all the way and then SURPRISE! Made me laugh..on topic and a creative masterpiece..
Awesome!! One of my favorites, partly because it is so different. Very suspenseful, but the ending sets it apart and makes it different from the usual stuff. Very creative!
Welp, I'm a sucker. This was fun and adorable. Thumbs up!
!! I was so caught up in the climb, then this ending came out of no where and made me smile wide! Great edge-of-my-seat suspense. Super!
I love the ending! That was so awesome! Brought back memories of watching my little girl in her crib. Great work.
Ha-great ending! I didn't expect that at were close to the vest with your clues and the "grown-up" voice disguised the true identity of the climber.
Haha; very clever. The only thing I'd change is the name of the baby--Bill is such an old name.
Brilliant. I'm usually so good at figuring out endings before I get there...smack on the side of my brain.
Yeah, I love a surprise, I was scared for him for awhile, of course, agreed that he should have listened. Loved the voice and the ending. Keep it up.
Excellent opening and the rest of the story did not disappoint. Superb job on topic!
Love it, love it, love it. Probably my favorite so far this week.
I'm a sucker for a good twist. The ending wouldn't have worked if the beginning hadn't been so perfect and the beginning wouldn't have worked if the ending hadn't been so perfect. Face it, this was just so perfect.
I fell for the twist too. I thought he was a mountaineer. Well done!
What a shocker. I loved the tension and the resolution. Terrific story.
Wow! This is a keeper. Such a wonderful twist!
Congratulations on your EC!!!! I'm kinda bummed, because I was going to ask you if I could use this on my online ministry... ok, I'd rather you be published here. Was it worth the climb? ;)
YAY! ***Congratulations!***
Congratulations on your EC! Fantastic job.
Super cute...skillful writing!! Congrats on your EC!!
This is toooo funny! You had me all the way up until the "end". Then it still took me a few seconds to realize what that final section had to do with the story. Great twist. Very effective storytelling. Congrats on EC.
I love this, and the little twist in the end. You show things in such a fun, new light. Great, imaginative writing.