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Loved the title, it was the first one I read,,,Loved the ending as well and the message. Thanks!
Oh, this is just right! That is an awesome title, and your story kept me cackling with the witty humor. How many people sit and dream up scenarios just like this one---only without actually having the guts to do it. Just perfect.
This was great! And the ending...perfect! It made me laugh, but I can relate. I can't hold a note either, but sometimes you just want to bust out in song! Very enjoyable...
This was good. I was with her all the way, really, really hoping, that for some reason, it'd be okay. You did great with the you-are-there-atmosphere, I was right into the whole episode.
This is laugh-out-loud funny. I kept thinking it couldn't get worse for the MC and it did. This MC should stick with storytelling. There's the real gift.
Your title is great! You've written a humorous witty piece. :) I love this line, "My hidden talent was apparently not for public consumption." -- I may borrow that phrase sometime. :) And I like your "American St. and Idol Blvd"...that's so perfect for this. I can totally relate to your MC...I don't do solos either. :) Very nicely written!
Very very funny, and very relatable... I love the humour in this piece.
Those last two lines are priceless!
I can TOTALLY relate to this. I loved your description and loved this story. You really did this? I cannot imagine how that felt when you realized what was happening. I did one solo and as long as I kept my eyes closed I hit the notes okay. Very humiliating experience. You wrote this well.
Oh so funny, with lots of dry, self-deprecating wit. Love it.

FYI: I two cases where you use "God and I" it should be "God and me". Here's the rule: if you take the other person out of the sentence, would you use "I" or "me"? Thus: God and I would handle this problem, BUT This issue was important to God and me. (Bad examples, but I'm sure you get the idea.)

Great pacing here, with your growing realization. Love it!
That last line is a killer to the Christian who thinks he is "humble"! Good job with this topic and the descriptions are hilarious. Poor daughters. And husband!