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I'm writing this in tears -- what an awesome, convicting story! If I could be half the man MY father was...well, I'm striving, by-the-grace-of-God, every day! Gripping narrative, from the beginning all the way to the end. This one is a home run. Gotta run. Hello... Dad? Hi Dad....How are you doing?
I love it! This was a very effective way to review what he had learned about fatherhood.

Some stories on FW make me cry, and some make me laugh, but rarely do any do both, and in such rapid succession.
Very, very touching! I got chills. The ending when we learned why he was looking through the journals was precious. You did awesome. Great job. Bravo.
I'd say you caught the panic of becoming a parent. Saving the reason he was looking through the journals was great--it added punch to the ending. Good job. :-)
The journal thing has been done many times, but you gave it such a special meaning. I mean this sincerely, very, very well done, you made an old man tear up. God bless.
Beautiful story about a beautiful dad. Very touching and tender. The glimpse through the years gave this story a unique flavor.
I loved the desperate feel from Richard, and was touched by the reason. Keep it up.
This is so tender. Well written, too. The ending is just perfect.
Very touching story. You draw the reader into the reading of the journals. What a father! Excellent job on of my favorites this week.
This is super...creative in the presentation, and right on topic. I love the ending.
Excellent job! Engaging story and right on topic!
Laura, this is simply outstanding. I love everything about it--one of this week's strongest entries.
This is incredible. Love the format -- and the sequence flowed so perfectly and realistically. Definitely one of my favorites. Great job with the topic.
Oooh! I love this! Another favorite of mine for this week! Your title fits in so well and I love the descriptions of the notebooks, especially the spy one, that set a whole new view on your MC. The ending was just great though! ^_^
I never would have suspected the ending. Really good.
I lost my father to his fight with cancer this past year. Your story made me wish that he had been half the man that he was at the end... but the fact that he got there, well... that makes it all worth while. I know I'll see him in heaven. Your story brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thank you.
How incredibly lucky Richard was to have such a father - such an example. How fortunate he is, too that he longs to be like him. Your lineal use of time provided a great way to present your story and show the growth, development and maturity of your MC. I, too, think he will end up being a great father and role model for his own children.
Amazing! Such a special message. This one needs a tissue warning. Very nice writing. Wonderful!
Wow. All I can say. It is wonderful in every way: emotionally, spiritually, in imagery... I love it.
This gem of a story is written superbly. I love how you creatively showed the influence of a Godly parent, while you delightfully illustrated the theme. The ending is perfect.
I loved your progression of this boy to man through his journal. Your title is perfect for this and your ending is excellent. Very well written!!
I enjoyed this a great deal. Made me miss my daddy who has been gone since May 1999.