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I can't help but feel a placing with this one. Not a poem lover, I am stuck with this, I'm going to print this one out, can't wait to see who this is and read everything else.
You written something here that really makes a person have to stop, read, read again - and think! Very deep, very well-written.
This poem soaks slowly into the reader's thinking as it's read. I like the meager words-like a sketch that makes us figure out the meaning from a rough drawing. Very interesting format.
Wow--do I ever love this poem! Simply superb, and I love the subtlety of it.

p.s.--lose the apostrophe in "Dies".

Wonderful structure and pacing, and I also love the fact that it's got real flow and rhythm, something not many free verse poems can claim.
This is so brilliant and creative that I'm not even sure I understand it totally. Maybe you could illuminate me via I.M. so that I can learn...
Very different and enojoyed greatly might I add. Please do enlighted us once all is revealed. This is way too intelligent for my small brain.
I think "Illumination" is a fitting title for this thought provoking poem. That it is free verse makes it even more intriguing as the reader finds their way to that final caste of light.
Hmmm, I can honestly say that I've never read something like this before. It's different and interesting, with the format and the imagery. Nice title. ^_^
Definitely takes a second read. I like the progession under each heading. Your poetry gives wonderful pictures using few words. I especially liked the "baby--dampness on the cloth" and priests/clogged ears, and poet/papers in the wind. Very creative!
This reads like Proverbs. Every truth reveals deeper truths that lead you to understanding the only truth that is the true truth... Jesus. Exceptional writing.