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I enjoyed your story and your characters. Good illustration of "bird in hand". Your character made the right choice--do what you love and love what you do has always been my motto.
This story is excellently written and has beautiful details. A great example of someone who could look back on his life and feel good about it.
I'm glad Jed/Grandpa made one choice that even his grandchildren can get a little something of! I liked the easy-going scenes you portrayed here and the lovely relationship between the two, especially with their grandchildren. Great job! ^_^
This is clearly beautiful!
I felt so much at home with your healthy dialogue...I felt like being among you, pulling a chair , and waiting for my cup of coffee. It is a great artcle.
You showed how wonderful the simpler things in life can be, the things that matter most. Very well done. A few typos and some punctuation, but all in all very enjoyable!
Sorry, but I'm all out of red ink. I really enjoyed this story, and agree with the comments above.
There's great serenity in this sweet story.

A few nitpicks: the smell probably filled both his nostrils (unless he's congested), and "cocoa" instead of "coco."

The relationship between the mature couple is beautifully portrayed.
You certainly have a way of creating a warm, caring atmosphere with your writing. This is just so homey and makes you want to pull up a chair and stay a while. Great story line, too. And, like I said, your characters and their dialogue are just wonderful!
What a tender, peaceful story! I loved it! I could smell his workshop--a smell I'm very familiar with--Great job!
After reading this, I was tempted to tell my hubby to chuck his job and we'd build him a proper workshop! It's a simply beautiful story with characters that really warmed my heart. I'd love having a family legacy like this one.
(could have SWORN I commented on this already - sorry, my friend!) I love the atmosphere and characterization. Lovely.