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Wow, what a hard lesson for a fourth grader! I'm glad she learned it early!
Nicely done - the desire to be popular is a powerful one.
I was hoping that she'd see who her real, true friends were before it was too late! This is a good story, I really liked the title and how it fit with this story, my only note is the ending seemed a tad bit rushed where it just 'tells' us that Angie's parents have a study every Friday and then there's dialouge from her friend. Otherwise, good stuff! ^_^
Thank God for friends who love us in spite of ourselves.
Good for Shayna,great message and dialog.
Great way to use this week's prompt! I'm glad she learned her lesson in 4th grade.

The title threw me off a bit; with a word like "Follies" I expected a humorous piece. The alliteration is nice, though.

Children can be cruel, but I love the forgiveness that you included at the end.
I like this story very much. I love the way you describe the little girls and the playground antics. So hard for children to fit in-it never changes! You have a good lesson and message in this entry.
You described the actions of 4th grade girls perfectly. Definitely a good example of the topic. Great story.
Great lesson! The dialog was right for that age group. Love the way you spin a story!
You really captured the dilemma in a realistic way. Kimberly made me cringe. Nice writing.
Your title is great for this. I enjoyed the lesson and your story. This would be great for elementary kids to read! Nice work!
This is indeed a wonderful story. I loved it.
Really good work! i agree w/ the previous comment that the ending seemed rushed, it would have been nice to have drawn the dialogue out a little more, you did such a good job with it all the way through.