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Great reminder here. When I go to other's houses that are nicer or more "put together" than mine, I will remember this story.
Great descriptions and dialog - and an amazingly wonderful lesson for ALL of us (me included!).
Yes -- great lesson here. I enjoyed the exchange between the two in the kitchen and the "misery loves company" allusion. :) Good work on this!
What a great friendship is between those two! I'm glad that Lacey spoke up and helped Amanda move on from the 'misery' to the friendship where they can share everything with each other, even being honest about wanting a bigger house and all. ^_^
Great last line!
Loved the title and the dialog is so real. Keep it up.
I love the line "I won't keep you company if you're going to make yourself miserable." I'm going to use that one!
Lacey's humility and sensitivity make all the difference in this story. The ability to put others at ease is a true gift.
I love the honesty between these friends! Wonderful message! Great writing!
Wonderful - on topic, a great read, and the last line is a kicker. Love the title too.
Red ink: this sentence could use some punctuation help:
“We had a real nice house but when we moved back here we had to choose between smaller and nice or larger."
Great job my friend! :)
Love the dialogue between these two friends. They share an open and honest relationship and you were able to make it shine with your characterizations.
I really liked this story and the way it flowed. The friendship between the two women seemed genuine and the honest way they showed their feeling was refreshing. Great job.
Super job with dialogue. I felt I was there for the conversation. And great job with the topic.
You showed excellently with your story how one true friend can help another in a positive way.
You managed to have a lot of dialogue without me even noticing the lack of description, which means that you are a master at it. :)I loved it all except for the very last line. I think it's because it felt a little lame after the transparency and honesty of the rest of the story.