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Ha :) I think someone got what they deserved. I knew you'd work it out and you didn't disappoint me. Great work, great story, and an enjoyable read. Thanks!
Heehee, bet he didn't see that one coming on here! LOL! The ending was good, I couldn't 'believe' that Sammy would deliberately leave a 'good coat' behind. You managed to teach a good lesson without taking away from the topic. Great job! ^_^
Right on topic with this one.. good story. The last line is a perfect ending.
I grinned at the mixup between Cardinals and Red Wings--the sort of mistake I'd make! Cute story.
Thanks for the fantastic read! Love your writing style!
Your dialect is GREAT! Your title is perfect for the piece, and your message from the topic is right ON! EXcellent!
Along with an excellent lesson on topic, this gave me a chuckle.
Love it! Really can see this happening. I hope no teens read this..may give them some ideas, ignoring the consequences...
This is really, really cute and so right on topic for the lesson it teaches. Great job with the story line and the dialogue and the characters.
Very realistic and great message on topic. Loved it!
Unfortunately for him, he got his just desserts! Love the ending-and the twist with the mix up. great lesson presented in this story.
Oh - this - is - good. I love how Sammy thinks he has it all figured out and then gets his just desserts in the end. This almost read like a trickster tale with people instead of animals.
Ooh, this reminds me of all the times my son has hidden his school books so that he won't have to do his work...
***Congrats!*** ^_^
Congratulations, you mastermind, you... So happy for you!!!!
Congratulations on your EC. I love how you taught this lesson -- the jacket mix-up is hilarious. Great job.
I can believe teens act like this,,,,I wished he would have had a few days to feel the cause of his ingratitude, but glad he didn't get the RW coat. Great story and congrats.
Great job with the dialog - definitely realistic for the age group. A BIG congrats on your EC, my friend! Awesome.