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Aw, this is too cute and clever. I loved the popping of snot bubbles!
Your descriptions are perfectly preschooly disgustingly wonderful. Love the lesson too - an absolute delight to read. You really put is right in the middle of everything.
Oooh, this was a cute read! At first, I thought Jesse was a boy...and then she turned out to be a girl...and the pennies were finally found and her brother...ooohhh! Good story!^_^ A good read, with enjoyable characters.
What a great story. You got the scene and description of the characters so very real that I could almost see that "snot bubble". You have provided a good chuckle as well as an aptly fitting article to the topic. Aren't we all just like little children wanting something that only appears to be more when we have the real thing in our hand. Excellent story telling!
Put me in the "snot bubble" fan camp. Hilarious.
So vivid and engaging. Thanks for the lesson. Too bad she learned about tears and men, thoughm but it happens...
This was a cute story, and nice application of the topic.
I am guessing that this is written as an adult memory of childhood, otherwise Jessie's narration and introspection would seem above her years.
You did a great job with this. I loved the Jess's voice. It was so realistic when she was telling what her parents call her. This is outstanding in plot, character, and humor.
Well written and delightfully gross! I could visualize the whole scene (including some scraped knees thrown in lol).
Oh, this is great. You've created memorable characters (who can forget snot bubbles?) and told a simple story very cleverly. The "lessons" at the end are just the icing on the cake.
Jan, make room in that "Snot Bubble Camp" for little 'ole me! Oh how hilarious! Girlfriend you are so good at bringing childhood memories back for all of us. Girls learn that trick at a very young age. Shamefully cute if you ask me. I do think the narrator distracted me a bit, but it all fits. Loved it!
Too cute! Great childish dialog, and good, but gross descriptions. I've seen that snot bubble. :) The snot slithering and swallowing made me sick to my stomach just like Jesse. Love the ending.
Hee hee! I can sooo relate to the little girl's lesson! Only I had an older sister who taught me about the value of money. ( ;

Love the descriptions and the characters!
Great, descriptive writing. I really enjoyed this and the lessons Jessie learned. Learning how to work the tears will last her a life time. he he.
Honestly, women and their tears, how is a man to stand against it? More than just one good message running throughout this well written piece.
This was revlotingly disgusting, in a perfectly written sort of way :) Reminds me of that Silverstein poem about the boy trading his dollar.
I 'gotta hand it to ya' -- this story is perfect to the 'subject at hand'! I like the dialogue--poor Jessie girl--
I loved this story. I saw what was coming, but still enjoyed the read from beginning to end. Being the big sister that tricked the little brother, this was delightful reminder.
I love, love this!! The voice is just right, and charming, and snot bubbles were a fabulous idea! What a way to make this a memorable piece!! Great job! :) Hugs!
Pop popping the snot bubbles - okay, a little gross... but oh so cute. Great story and excellent take on the topic. You could turn this into a children's story and publish it. I thoroughly enjoyed the read!
Haha, the last two pragraphs made me laugh out loud. Great story and perfect voice for Jessie's age.
I can just see everything you described. What a cute and fun story with a great lesson for the older brother too. :)
Ok, so I had to come and read it. Amy was right...this was right up my alley. LOL. Loved the whole story - very cute and entertaining. But I ESPECIALLY loved those snot bubbles... hee hee
Way ta write! ***Congratulations!***
Congratulations on this gem of a piece!!! So glad it will be read over and over again...
Congratulations on your EC. This is a very cute piece.
Way cute. You gotta try to get this one published if it didn't make it. I didn't see whether or not it did. Yeah, a lot of dids, I know. Anyway, this was cool. Again, well done.
This reminds me of tricks I used to play on my little sister growing up. Somehow you managed to make snot bubbles appealing to the reader. I learn a lot about life and about writing by reading your stories Laury. :)