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I liked seeing this story from both sides and especially through your MC. The twist was really good and I liked the authentic feel to it. Your title fit and helped me to really picture the guy. Good job! ^_^

I really like how you showed even in ministry we can be tempted to go after the "two birds" when the one in our hand is just fine...and what we are supposeed to have. Great illustration that shows how we always want what's just out of our reach. I liked the use of the "sweat" that was repeated througout the entire entry.

Very nice job. BRAVO!
This one reminds me of another cliche' - "Don't sweat the small stuff" -- It's amazing how God works! This piece could be developed into a skit for church....hey--have the choir do it!?
Great job!

I had to read it a few times to sort out the characters, but it didn't distract at all from your message. I like the recurring theme of sweat, too.
Great and relevant illustration of the topic. It gives one much to think about. Good writing!
I like this. It was an unusual approach and so believable.
I had almost an identical event in my own ministry. I was offered a children's ministry that included a half hour TV show.
You hit the nail on the head with this one.
Yes, this is right on target for the topic! Very believable situation too! I was hanging on every word. Really, I mean sweet entry! ;-)
A clever double illustration of the topic.
It brings to mind the saying, "Be careful what you pray for; you might get it."
Oh the appeal what what we don't have...I felt for this pastor and his flock. Keep it up!
It's so true that we just don't know how good we have it. Nice job illustrating the topic. I enjoyed reading this.
Very good illustration, and your writing kept the story moving at a good pace.

I love that you used a ministry for this. Too often we are deceived into thinking an opportunity must be from God if it involves His work.

Nice job with the topic.
Wow, this is a great message. Shows that the size of our church and position doesn't make it the best. I enjoyed reading this. Great job.
Great application of the topic. Ya' never know how good you have it until.... Didn't expect the twist at the end - that was well done.
A home run on the topic and the story line was all so real. Your use of dialogue was excellent as well as the way you lead the readers into the thoughts of your different characters. Great job!
Great writing, great message, and great read! FANTASTIC!
I like the realistic approach to the topic and the dialogue is excellent.
You've captured the way we sometimes make decisions based on emotions and not God's calling. The urge to find something "better" is strong, even in church leadership. Good job on the topic.
Excellent message, right on topic and enjoyed the writing style.
I liked your story and all the pain and emotion. What is sad is how true this can be.
Your very intereting story contained a great message and was a unique illustration for the topic.
Super!! Bringing it all 'round full circle really drove the lesson home. Great job! :-)
Excellently done. My favorite sentence was: The hair on the back of my neck was screaming, so I walked away before my lips had the chance to follow.
***Congratulations!*** Awesome writing! ^_^
Congratulations on your much deserved EC. This is a great piece.
Wonderful descriptions and such a GREAT illustration of the proverb. A definitely deserved EC placing, Laura. Congratulations!
Well done on your EC placing!