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Precious and timeless reminder here to be thankful and content with what's around us.
Excellent lesson with very vivid descriptions. Her "turnaround" seemed a touch quick to me, but that IS how God does it sometimes, isn't it? I could see this so clearly.
That "Jungle Passion" carpet really cracked me up.
Excellent lesson. I have a "jungle passion" carpet in my house. I'm looking at it with new eyes tonight.
That gave me a few laughs. Firstly, you are describing the carpet in my upstairs room, secondly, saving money for me normally equates to a matching bill arriving in time to gobble it all up. (I keep trying to convince God to give me a bit more than I need...) And an 'attitude of gratitude' is great!
Convicting. When His still small voice doesn't do it, a smack on the head usually gets through. :-)
How I can identify, I will vaccuum when I get home tonight! Thanks for the reminders.
Amen, sister! I love the transformation of the MC's attitude. Thank you also that she did finally get her new floors. I was feeling sorry for her myself.
I'm smiling at this testamonial, because it is all so true. You had some great description in here and I liked the way youu portrayed the relationship between the husband and wife being able to laugh about the same thing. Her insight as to how to change things around had to be inspired and directed by God.
Great lesson. The writing is good, and I like your MC. Excuse me while I go shine my floors...
I see I'm not the only one convicted to clean what I have and quit wishing for new carpets. I think this is my favorite part: "Once she had considered shampooing the carpet, but her husband convinced her not to. He feared that shampooing would only cause the pattern to stand out more." Wonderfully done.
I love it! I love the way your MC turned her heart of envy around and made it a heart of gratitude. The descriptions of the house were so good, I could "see" every carpet and linoleum-dirty and clean!
Very unique writing on topic and wonderful message. Excellent!
This is very good! I can so relate to the MC here with wishing I had something so bad, but not really appreciating what I have. One of my favorites this week!

RED PEN: In the on instance where she's wishing that she could have the carpet, you already use italics for the prayer later on, maybe you could've put her actual thoughts in italics and added it on, just a thought! ^_^ This is really nice!
Good lesson on a reason why God sometimes seems to withhold His blessing until we learn to appreciate what we have. And I love your description of the jungle carpet. A red ink point - sometimes writing something like this makes it stronger if its in first person. But either way, still nicely done.
I enjoyed this reminder of an attitude of gratitude. Why receive more when we don't appreciate what we have. Great lesson shared well.
Your character was so real with her bad and good points--someone I'd like to know. Good job
Isn't it funny how a simple story about 'flooring' can lead us to conviction and bring a message worth its weight in gold??! Wonderful writing :)
I love the last line, kind of a 'p.s.' or 'oh, by the way!' That would be another story! hmmmmm.... :)
Great entry! You tapped in to many peple's thoughts.
Red ink: She was sitting in her recliner already, but then you slumped her into it again.