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Wow, what a powerful story!
What a unique POV! Extremely creative, and a great read.

It's quite possible that I'm just dense...but I don't see the tie-in to the meaning of the proverb.

I love the pacing of this; it really pulled me along and the climax was perfect.
Great POV. I started wondering about halfway through if this was that stone... :) really cute, though I'm also not sure how it ties to the proverb.
I didn't get the proverb tie in either - but I LOVE this story. Good storytelling from the POV of the stone.
I'm glad I double-checked and discovered that I had not left a comment on this exquisite, beautiful, wonderfully subtle and creative tale of contentment.
This was tied for my favorite in Advanced this week.
Just a little clarification to those who didn't see my tie in with the topic this week. My understanding of "a bird in the hand" is taking what you have available to you and making the best of it, rather than wishing you had something different. To me, it means taking action rather than making excuses, in some instances. Based upon that, I took artistic license in making the stone what David had available at the time (of course pre-destiny is at work too), and rather than putting on battle armour, rather than training for warfare, rather than being afraid of the giant, David takes what he has... the one small stone... and putting his faith in the Father, uses the stone for mighty results. Thanks for reading and commenting on my work. Blessings to all of you.
Oh my goodness. I did not see that coming at all. I LOVE THIS STORY!!!
As a children's minister all I can say is "Wunnaful, wunnaful, wunnaful."

Wait... that's what I would say if I were Lawrence Welk.

Oh, well... Wunnaful, Wunnaful, Wunnaful.
Ohhh. Ohhh, my. I'm awestruck by the simple beauty of this story. I'm glad you explained about your "artistic license" in the stone David threw, because I was going to comment on that. One momentary POV shift (as I understand POV, but I'm still learning): "the child felt an immediate attachment". The story is from the stones POV (which is SO creative), so it wouldn't know how the child felt - this phrase is from the child's POV.

If you don't frequent the message boards, please come - Deb is doing a great job of explaining the proverbs and exactly what the judges are instructed to look for.

I absolutely LOVE this story and your writing is fabulous. The last sentence actually made me sigh with contentment. Beautiful job.
Incredible! Uniquely wonderful. What a surprise.
Loved it!