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What a delightful and creative story! And you get a bonus "ooh" and "aah" for the romantic ending. ;}
Beautiful fairtale! I loved this piece - you kept my interest throughout the whole story. And yes, I like the ending too. :)
I really enjoyed this fairytale/fable/allegory in one, or at least it brings to mind the parable of the talents.
Beautiful story--so enchantingly written.

It seems to me that it demonstrates the opposite of the week's proverb, though.

I'd love to see this illustrated as a beautiful children's picture book, and the wonderful Christian message is beautifully evident.
I think I see where you're coming from proverb-wise with the 2 sisters' attitudes toward their own home at the beginning. The giving coin idea throws this off the proverb topic BUT it does make for an excellent story. It would make a good children's book.
The messages in this story are minlged and numerous - wonderful writing.
Yvonne, I forgot to mention that this is tied for my favorite in Advanced this week.
I see the topic clearly throughout, the hoarding sister still discontented with all the bounty her sister's generosity has reaped. The just consequence of her selfishness and greed, when she could have been showing kindness to others, is an added bonus.
My favorite so far for many reasons. Keep it up.
Brilliant - proves a bird in the hand can be spread around and still not be lost - when God's involved. I've always loved fairy stories. Thanks
I agree with the comments made on how well this was written, would love to see it illustrated in a book, and simply a delight to read. Thank you for this story.
I love this from beginning to end and so creative.
I LOVE stories like this - transporting me to another land, such beautiful writing and a wonderful lesson to boot. Beautiful.