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Tissue alert! This one got me in so many ways, at so many levels. It's truly amazing how pettiness can cause us to pay such a price. Very well-written.
Yes, this is a tear-jerker. Very good writing. I felt the pain of both sisters. I like how you went back and let us read the rest of the letter. Nice touch...
WOW! The pain and the emotion here. I can identify with both sisters so much. It's amazing, the way the story played out. I didn't expect her to die, though I guessed that Dooley would ask her to marry him. Great job here.
Powerful lesson packed into this passionate piece. If this testimony is true, I hope the sister who is alive has felt the restoring peace, forgiveness and power that comes from Jesus Christ.
I do so hope this is fiction! I cried. This is a perfect example of our topic this week...but so sad. Great writing, and a real tear-jerker.
I can't think of a worse way to learn this lesson. It makes a person stop and think about how often we close people out of our lives, and how we should offer forgiveness while we can.