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I like your title, it really fits! This was a fun story. Very good writing and very good at conveying the message.
I like how the two women were able to bond together and how they supported each other. You did a great job with mirroring the two husbands and how one had prepared and the other hadn't. Great job!
What a beautiful message. I love the way you tied the topic into being ready for Christ's return. Great title too :)
I was there with you the whole time. Great title, by the way. Sooo - did you go into labor while he was gone? Huh?
Great story.
Well written and a great example of planning ahead.
Ohhh, I remember those gasoline shortage years. I used to drive home from college and it could be milers and miles before I'd see a station. A person really did have to plan ahead back then. (And most weren't open on Sunday-even along the interstate.) Great story that took me back to another era-and the tie in to the prepared bride of Christ is perfect!
Good illustration. I enjoyed your "fuel for thought."
Your "Fuel for Thought" brought back memories of being pregnant and of the gas crisis, as well. I was more impressed by your girlfriend than by her husband.
I grew up in a small community in the 70's so I could relate to so much of what you described! It's always so hard to have to cover for the irresponsibilty of others. I haven't quite figured out where to draw the line. You've written this sooo well. I enjoyed going back. Your allusion to the ten virgins is excellent. Thanks!
Nice story and right on topic. You have excellent writing skills. Perfect flow. Thanks!