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Good example of the topic. Thank God for good samaritans like that!!
Great take on the topic. I love the Sharon never drove it again comment LOL
I don't blame her for never driving the car again! I sure wouldn't. Lol. You hit the topic great here. I liked the opening dialouge, very realistic. ^_^
I could certainly relate to this story! Noises seem to disappear when husbands check it out:) How mysterious is that?! Great story! Love, too, how she never drove the car again. Let the husband have it!
Cute story, very realistic dialog.
This fits the topic just right. A well-structured and engaging story.
Yeah, why is that?! As soon as you ask the hubby to take a look, the thing fixes itself. Uh huh.
This is an engaging story and illustrates the topic in a perfect way.
Been there, done that. No kidding. I'll have to tell you the story. Wonderful job. :)
Great writing. I enjoyed the proverb's application, and I hope the husband learned a lesson - though he didn't seem to.
I wonder, too, why it always runs right for the husband. Thankfully, mine is a careful checker, or I'd be stuck like your mc.
I can see a lot of truth to the husband, wife banter here. Very realistic, while it still points out the message of this weeks challenge in a very convicing, creative way.
Way to go on this one. Perfect illustration for the topic from both sides.
Yikes! I hate it when cars do that. Great writing, you had me worrying with her. I liked your ending sentence. :)
Love this story! lol! Right on topic and very well put together. Great job!