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All who have the "procrastination gene" can identify with the problem and chuckle at the solution in this story, and everybody can just enjoy the read.
Ok, I'll admit it: I have the procrastination gene--now please promise not to do this to me!! :)

I really like this--I'll have to try this on my kids! Good one!! :) :) Hugs! (sure hope you are who I think you are! lol)
Ingenious. Did you ever pull this on your kids?
ROFL! I think my entire family can relate to this one. My older bro in particular. LOL. Love the lesson here and the classic example. The wall of snow was hilarious, I was laughing by the time I got there. Great job with this! SO on topic! ^_^
Hey, my son has that gene, too! His dad has put his games away in a box more than once until the room gets cleaned, etc. Funny read and realistic, in a house with teens anyway!
I enjoyed your entry very much--very inventive.
Clever and fun. Very creative take on "the procrastination gene" remedy.

I don't feel like you need the last paragraph - it kind of made the ending sizzle, at least in my opinion.

I could have used this "remedy" when I was a teen! Keep writing.
You held my interest and pulled me right into this delightful story! Right on topic!
So right on, I'm so glad RObbie got the message! This moved like I was in the family, enjoyed it very much.
Ouch. My son inherited this from many generations...not only procrastination, but clutter. Ugh. Delightful story I will share with my kids. I do believe this topic will be inspiring to re-read before spring cleaning. Well done.
I loved this story - very nicely done. I have to say my favorite part was the snow blocking the door, because I've seen that done fairly recently. I just had to laugh.
Excellent! Love the family dynamics here--they obviously love each other a great deal, and you've made their dialogue very realistic.

Consider ending it right when Grandpa says "Well, I've been meaning to shave but I just haven't had the time." That's a great punchline, and it ties in well with your title.

Cute story--I like the piled-up snow and the note.
Oh, I loved this story. You wove in the topic with love and laughter. Great characters and wonderful dialogue. Very creative solution for procrastination, too.
I got it too and I don't know who gave it to me. Mom and Dad both embrace the do things before they need doing idealogy. Where did I come from?

Boy that must have been a lot of trouble making such a big mess. But it was worth it and a neat way to bring home the stitch in time lesson. Really cute story.
Very fun story! I'm not sure how messing up the whole house helped with his lesson, but I loved picturing his look of shock. I also love the snow at the front door.
I love this story!!!! I don't know if I have this gene or not, but I certainly need some sort of 12-step program for my problem in this area. Very well done.