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Great story. I love the feeling of near panic as he realizes the situation that he is in.
LoL--I like this!! This is an excellent example of the topic!! :) The dialog was super, too! :)
What a fun read! I bet this could be a children's story. The character's were delightful and you showed how thier actions led to a consequence. Great job!
Top-notch realistic dialog. I like the references you put at the bottom, too. Great writing; you really held my interest with the characters and plot.
I love the attitude of this piece, and all the slang (some of which I didn't understand, but I'm sure it's correct LOL) made it feel so real. This is one awesome piece. DYING to know who wrote it!

My only problem was with the word "slothful" in the title--it's an adjective, but you've used it as a noun. Or maybe, is that part of the slang?

Your writing is outstanding and really compelling--I loved reading this very contemporary-sounding piece. Superb!
Love the dialogue and all the little clues that Jared is a bit on the slothful side. (ya' think?) This was fun to read.
I loved this story. I liked the details, the dialogue, and bike-shape stain foreshadowing the future. Great story!
Great! The slang kinda lost me in places, especially "pay out the Ibis Mojo". Needless to say, I appreciated the footnotes. Super cool, as we old people used to say. :) Perfectly on topic, great writing.
Great lesson -- and the dialogue was perfect. Nice job with the topic.
Good story, well written. We Sloths should have a convention - wanna come fix my fence?
Great job! It reminds me of the TV add, "Pay me now or pay me later."
What a great illustration of the verse. Your title is perfect. Super great writing! I love it!