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Great illustration of nipping a problem in the "bud." Good job with dialogue.
LoL. There's a few meals my husband will only eat under protest because I made them soooo much in our first months of marriage. :) Good lesson for all of us! :) Hugs!
I like the ending. Good marital training and a very real example.
BTW - I was amused how Cindy's name change to Cindi midway through. :-)
Heehee, I had to smile at the last line. I'm glad that they were able to work things out and it wasn't just one of them tip-toing around and worrying about upsetting the other. Great job here. ^_^
Good story and with a great point. I like the way you explain that the husband's anger had more than just frustration over french toast behind it. That's usually so true in any relationship.
I love that you used a scenario that many of us could relate to. Not just anybody can take a situation like this and make it interesting, but you pulled it off from beginning to end.
A great lesson - and I just LOVE the last line. Gave me a giggle.

Some of the dialog seemed a bit forced, but it could be me.

The hubby is definitely a keeper. Keep writing!
I really enjoyed this story of taking the right steps at the beginning for a successful marriage. Well done.
Nice story. A very enjoyable read, although the plot is a bit unrealistic perhaps - hopefully it wouldn't take months of French Toast - but in 700 words we do what we have to...thanks for the story.