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Great Story! I love the hope that it inspires.
WOW. This reminds me of a house on the prarie sort of story. THe mild suspense and how the whole family grouped together to do what they could. Great job.
Wow! This shows the strength of a hard-working, loving family.
The phone part seemed out of place. I was waiting for Samuel to show up, whoever he was.
Very interesting and on topic!
This story absolutely captivated me. I truly cared for the characters, and you drew me into the story and wouldn't let go. Excellent.
This moved and inspired me, and I found myself not wanting it to end. Incredible piece.
This touched me deeply. You really captured what life on a farm is like. My hat is off to you for this well writen entry.
Good job of writing - good descriptions - I could visualize it all:)) Only small thing that stuck out for me was your choice of dialogue tags - it worked better when you used action to show who it was most of the time - you might consider reworking a few of them - but otherwise - I thought you wrote wonderfully!!
This is all that much more poignant because it really happened. Very well written.
Wow -- This one could be submitted to a Florida newspaper or magazine! Excellent writing.
I love the line about the giant litter box--just one of the charming things about this nice farm story.
I rarely read anything about Florida farming except for citrus orchards, so this is a refreshing story. It's right on topic and has many good characterizations that kept me reading.
Excellent story for the topic, and I learned some things, too. Your story is very well written.
Wow, you wrote with such great detail, such rising tension, that I hung on each word. I loved this warm story.
Your details really added to your story. I loved the "plastic knob on the old Zenith radio." This was, start to finish, a good story of farm life.
So real and dramatic, this belongs as a Hallmark movie. Your pacing and suspense were tereffic and the outcome (esp since it's based on a true story) is heartwarming. I also liked the caring sense of the family that you brought out by your dialogue.
A fantastically well told story.

We metricated Europeans have a little trouble with the degrees f. perhaps you could give a cleare indication of the temperature for different audiences.
Beautiful story. I love the HIGH GROUND part. Growing up (on the farm) we had a lot of years were the small plants would freeze. They could replant but you were still out the cost of replanting. I can't imagine trying to cover 10 acres of plants by hand. I really enjoyed reading this story. Your title is great! Thanks!
Living in farm country in Iowa, I know that weather is a huge concern for farmers, this sounded like so many mornings or evenings after a hail storm, so right on. Keep up the good words, yo've got waht it takes to spin a yarn.
Joy, I'm going to feature this entry in the Front Page Showcase for the week of June 30. Look for it on the FW home page, and congratulations!