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Fascinating story. Self esteem is often a barrier as long as we let it be one. Good story.
Good development showing her anxiousness. And good job showing the value of preparation.
I love that you showed the contrast of the topic with the twins. And in a way one would not expect. Good job!
Great descriptions - and the last line is just right. What a lesson.
you kept a nice element of suspense throughout this piece. well done
I love the "backup for the backup".

As one who has both taken and proctored these types of tests, I can tell you--you nailed it! Very good story.
Great contrast of characters. I bet Mimi only took one pencil! You illustrated the promp very well!
An unexpected ending, and I like it! You seemed to change from past to present tense, but otherwise the writing is great.
This is so good. The writing is very good, and the story kept me interested.

This is my favorite part: "One to use, one for backup and a backup pencil for my first backup pencil." That made me laugh out loud.

I love the double lesson, even though you focused primarily on one sister. Very good job with the topic.
Excellent job describing the MC's emotions; I was right there with her. Unique writing on topic. Great job!
Yep, you nailed it alright! Super job of putting your reader 'right there'! I thought your few words dialogue of the other twin was perfect to so succinctly picture her for us too.
Beautiful contrast between the two sisters. I especially like the last line and the line about having a backup pencil for the backup pencil. ( :

Good story with an engaging MC.
Twins. A creative take for the topic. This was a well written, entertaining read. Thumbs up.
Yay! Great story and great illustration for the topic. I love your ending! I had to smile at your MC taking three pencils for the test (one for the test, then a backup, then a backup for the backup :) ) .This was a pleasure to read. Thanks.
You managed to do several things in this piece...illustrate the topic both positively and negatively, teach a lesson about self confidence, and effectively use a teen/young adult voice. Nice job on all of those things. It seemed to me the tenses changed near the beginning, but perhaps that was intentional.
This is an excellent piece for the challeng topic. You made us really care about your mc, who prepared so thoroughly for the test, even to bringing her own snacks.
Yay, she made it. Great twist of who didn't save a stitch. I couldn't read fast enough to see if she got accepted.
This reminded me so much when I took the LSAT for law school. You captured the feelings beautifully. Great job!
Excellent writing--I felt the tension of the pressure of the deadline as they took The Test. This one could be developed into a skit for church!
great story ... and right on topic. I think I know Mimi ..... I wonder what the shadow will do now?