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Very enjoyable - and a delightful surprise ending.
Nice little twist at the end with Suzie telling the police her story! I thought that was nice. It reminded me of a Novel I just read recently! And the double-twist with Barbara being her cousin...nice!
LOVE the twist ending on this piece. I almost didn't catch it, but when I did, the whole piece made perfect sense. I liked the 'confession', it fit my view of the MC perfectly.
Very unique and enjoyable piece. Loved it!
Oh, how I love stories that make me feel like I'm in the middle of a tv show. This was a clever and creative piece in every way.
Cute - the ending definitely took me by surprise. If I had written this, I probably would have left poor Suzie in the precinct - but your ending certainly brought hope.
The variety in this week's entries really amazes me--this is still another example of outstanding originality and creativity.
I loved how you worked the dialogue with the narration. It flowed well. I loved the surprise ending, too. Very fulfilling read.
Very creative take on the topic. Good writing, and fun to read. Nice job.
Topic is perfectly illustrated. Yep, things can really escalate out of control. Loved the surprise ending! A fun read.
I liked the surprise ending
This brought to mind a novel which employs mistaken identity. It is The Proposal, by Angela Hunt. You might enjoy it, though it takes a sinister direction.
Enjoyed the twist at the end. And the way the character was explaining everything to the police officer was great and realistic. Good use of dialogue. Great story!
Aha, you caught me with your delightful ending. This is one of my favorites of your stories, as well as of the other entries this week.
Love the humour in this one. And quite a unique take on the topic. Good writing!
Loved the irony of this piece. You expressed the dilema of the first Miss Peterson really well. Great message here, too.
A confidently written piece!
This one reads like a skit...for a Women's Conference!
Ha ha! What fun this is. Great story telling! Great ending!
How did I miss this terrific entry? Your title hooked me, and I loved discovering the whole tale was a "confession" to the police! You are such a creative thinker-writer! I also dropped by to thank you for leaving a comment on my "Falling Waters...." story. You're so special!