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I loved the bright orange tape construction zone for the teenager's room. Great story illustrating the topic in a very real, everyday way. The topic was a perfect fit, especially with the just ending. Only thing I didn't like is the convicting feeling that I really should be folding laundry right now. :)
Very good story. I think I've heard all this before in our house! Love your title, too! Right on topic!
Love it - I love that each of them had to learn the same lesson. The dialog was very realistic.
Awesome! It reads like a skit...hmmmm...there's an idea! I love this line, He stood up and gleamed, “I’d much rather help a beautiful lady with a horribly boring task, so…sock it to me!”
Cute story. Amusing watching the father trying to stop his family from putting off important tasks, only to reveal at the end that he had put off filling the car with gas...
Terrific characters and dialogue. Great sensory and emotional descriptions. And I loved the humor. Especially, I enjoyed the thread of familial love detectable within the tension. Good work!
Fantastic characterization, realistic dialog. Enjoyed this from the title to the end, and right on topic!
Yes, it's a genetic problem! Funny and well-written characterizations and dialogue.
I enjoyed the realistic dialogue. I felt I was in the house watching the story unfold.
I LOVED this one! Not only is it very well written, but I can relate. I recently learned that my lack of joy in parenting was a direct result of being angry with them for acting...well, just like ME! Thank you for sharing this delightful and humbling story.
The dialogue and action of each family member made me feel like I was right there with them as the story unfolded. Thanks for a great story that illustrates the topic very well.
I agree with pretty much everything that has been said so far. This was a very cute story, and the ending was exactly fitting.
The dialogue was so real, and kept the story moving at the perfect pace. This is written very well.

Okay, my one criticism -- I thought the 'sock it to me' line was a little 'lame.' Sorry -- maybe you just had me in that teenage way of thinking.

Very good, and realistic, illustration of the proverb. Great job with the topic.
Adorable, and cute twist on the ending.
I love the energy of this piece and the contemporary dialogue and setting. Being of the previous generation [funny] but my dh never begged to help with laundry. LOL (not that he refused or anything IF I was having a near death experience)
Loved the title and the efforts made by parents to get the attention of the teen. Liked that the parents weren't absolved either. Great entry!
Oh, what a delightful and so real story! You've really made your reader feel like we're 'right there' with this all too familiar family! LOL! Super job!
What a good read! I fell into the story. Good descriptions & dialog. I'm glad the wife didn't get mad, and I had to giggle at the end when Dad ran out of gas.
Great job. This was so convicting. I sometimes think we live in the same house. I really avoid the mundane for the fun. Thanks for this well written reminder. Bravo.
Very realistic dialogue and family dynamics! I like the way your characters use humor instead of harsh words to make their points. Great example of the topic.
ROFL! This is too funny (and reminds me of chores I have to do along the lines of dinner and dishes *Sigh*) I liked this family, they were realistic in description and dialouge-the mascara stained cheeks were classic, but you made this line fresh when you repeated that with the fresh round of tears would come newer streaks of black. Loved this piece-a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
This is a cute story. I enjoyed the realistic dialogue and the clever ending.
Oh, I LIKE this idea! ;-) Have you been sneaking around my house spying? LoL. Great job with the characters and the dialog.
This read like a page from everyday life. Great job with dialogue and their thoughts and words were right on point. I stumbled over a POV once, but other than that, really enjoyed this well-written piece.
Congratulation on your well-deserved win. Great job!