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“Yeah! Um…uh-oh. Oooh…yeah.” That was a bummer realization. I deflated like last week’s birthday balloon.

What a hoot!
I fell in love with this story, and I was chuckling throughout. Incredible humor and wit tucked within the topic...
Quite a character! Well done. Loved the beginning with the plane - especially rebuilding it in the barn! :-)
This delightfully funny story about a memorable character really shows the point of thinking ahead. I loved it.
This one is hilarious!!! :)
This was extremely good but, if I have any right to say this at such a masterpiece, I wish you would have stuck with the plane story only and really elaborated more. It was so very funny! You could have saved all those other great stories for another time. Love your creativity! A plus work!
Delightfully humorous and an absolute JOY to read. This is so fun, it should be illegal ;)
Too funny! And I've actually had professors like this, which is very scary...
Love the humor. You had me LOL from beginning to end. Excellent!
Hilarious! I read this entry three times. I couldn't help myself. It's great.
Mort kept me in stitches! You managed to illustrate the adage multiple times with seemingly little effort in the space of 750 words. Super job!
LOL Very funny. I read it twice and found it even funnier the second time.
Thanks for a fun and delighful read! Well written, love your characterization of Prof. K.
Oh Dee, what a riot! This piece has a *great* voice. The professor reminds me of a Disney movie character. The next to the last paragraph had me laughing out loud. Your professor should give himself an A.
This is the best one of these illustrations that I have read yet. It is funny, has a very memorable character who sounds like my calculus professor, and is a wonderful example of terrific writing. I hope you win!
Wow and wow! This was great. Excellent writing. Did I say wow!?
Wow - phenomenal. I especially loved the end - "I’d sure hate to have her miss the “Picking Apart Your Formaldehyde-Preserved Dog Fish Shark” lesson."
Oh my, I love this absent-minded professor! I'd have picked this piece as yours even without the hint: no one else can make science so highly entertaining. Awesome, Dee.
What is it with science profs? I had one we used to call ecto-plasm of which matter he was highly reminiscent. (he was nice though) Loved this Dee and yes it did remind me of a Disney movie. I bet you had a blast writing it.
You had this character pegged from the very beginning and took us all on a "chitty chitty bang bang ride."
Now if we all could realize the consequences of our actions, wouldn't we all be just a bit less green and bent to re-do over what should have been done and sealed in the first place.
An absolute delight to read - thanks.
This is hilarious - the airplane in the basement - too funny!! You really give your character skin... I enjoyed this very much.
Dee -- This is sooo funny. I'd love to watch this as a movie. Great (and hilarious) writing! :)
Laughs abounding from beginning to end. Super writing!
What a chain of events! LoL. I loved the voice and the mental picture you gave with your description of Professor K. Delightful! :-)
ROFL! I really hope this does well. It is so funny, in a warm, hilarious sort of way. I like how the professor is absent-minded and so is his humor. It seems like he has some pretty good students too, to help him when beakers suddenly become, Great job with this-one of my favorites this week! ^_^
This man must be stopped! :-D His poor students. Really funny MC.
Oh what a 'HOOT'! I can just picture Professor K standing in front of his class. Just perfect and so fun to read.
LOL! The professor is a delight -- this story could be a children's book!