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Cute story. The transition in the middle of the story was a little abrubt both other than that it was a great read. I enjoyed it.
Quality over quantity, with a happy ending. Good story. I got a little confused and had to re-read the beginning to get the characters straight, but that could have just been my lapse. Nice read.
This story had a great message. The transition caught me off guard and I had to reread it to figure it out. lol But, that's just me I think. Great story!
Definitely a good fit for the topic. I also got thrown a bit by the transition - but that's easy enough to fix. Loved the title.
Solid writing. I, too, would have liked to have seen a little smoother transition, but this was still a very entertaining read. Well done.
Very good story with a great message. Also like your title:)
I loved the message of this entry. Very good job!
An important message is imbedded in your story.
Maybe an extra space or a line demarking the change to the graduation scene would have helped in the transition.
A good lesson in our hurry-up-and-get-it-done world. A few minor errors/typos, but a nicely written story.
Very well written...needed a little smoother transition but still a good read. Also, there are a few typos. Good job!