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I can only agree with the "still small voice" nudging us. Even when that nudge seems to call for inaction it still can be heard. Thanks for voicing your story.
As Darlene said, AWESOME! Isn't He wonderful!
What a moving story or testimony. God is good to speak to our hearts and minds in His perfect way and time.
What a touching example of the topic! I like how you brought it all back to your original thought. I also enjoyed the irony of how healthy she seemed compared to the other patients and the seriousness of her true condition.
Powerful entry and message! I was caught up in the whole story from beginning to end. Excellent.
I am so relieved you got a second opinion.After reading the second paragraph and realizing the Dr. told you not to worry even though your daughter had acute symptoms I was afraid I was going to read a story about her dying.Great writing, I was engaged from the very beginning.
Excellent! The writing was vivid and seamless, and absolutely spot-on topic. I will definitely see this article on the list of winners next Thursday!
Very, VERY powerful. What an experience you have been through. Your ending is just perfect.
Between a mother's instincts and the spirit of God moving you to action...what a powerful combo!
What a fabulous, fabulous story of God's power. This piece of writing is truly a blessing.
Wonderful testimony to that still, small voice we too often neglect to listen to.
Powerful, beautiful writing. Gave me goosebumps.
You filled the story with so many great details that I could picture it as if I was watching a movie, or in the room. Great tenderness and respect for the Holy Spirit is evidenced. Thank you for a beautiful story.
I was getting a sinking feeling as I read this and am so glad God intervened and your daughter is ok. What a testimony to listening to that small, still Voice that nudges our conscience. Excellent.
Oh, WoW! What a story! and what a skilled storyteller! I'm guessing this is a true story. If it isn't, your skill is even more remarkable! ;-) I'm so happy for you that your daughter is healthy now!
Such a special lesson. Your writing flowed well and was pleasant to read. Thank you for sharing, God Bless!
This is excellently written from your heart, and God shines through it! Thanks
This gave me goosebumps just reading this piece. Very good with the descriptions and most of all the little Voice. I am so glad she listened to it and the last line is one I want to be able to say with the same conviction. Great writing! ^_^
This is a very well written and memorable story with an excellent message about listening to God's voice to us.
This is an amazing story in the hands of a gifted storyteller. A moving testimony.
Wow! Amazing story. You've written this so well. I'm so thankful for your outcome. Great writing.
This gave me chills, thanks for sharing.
Hanne, this powerful story has just touched me again. I plan to feature it for the Front Page showcase for the week of Feb. 25. Look for it on the FW home page. You're definitely a FW up-and-comer!
Thanks for sharing. THANK GOD FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT and that you listened and heeded.
How awesome when we hear the voice of God! And how important to follow his leading. This is heart warming.
This is a great read! Not only is it a heartwarming story, but it reminds others to give God the glory and teaches how to recognize God's voice. Those are important lessons.


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SO great to see this showcased on the front page, especially when God shines all throughout the piece. :)
Congrats on being the FW Frontpage Showcase author with this!
Sweet cute article, but too cliche, good enough for the church bulletin but not the big time.

Left too many questions. Doesn't answer the question that everybody is asking how do we know when that little voice is legit or hypchondrism? How do you know that the dr wasn't just telling you what your hypochondrism and his pocket book wanted to hear. Maybe he was just showing off for the interns. Why didn't you trust your husband's judgment? We have a local story about a multi millionare dr. who presented his patients with all kinds of false evidence that they would die without his expensive treatments. My daughter has a friend whose hypochondriac mother ruined her young adulthood and maybe her whole life by enabelling (sp?) her daughter's headaches insisting that over ten different Drs. were wrong.

If the purpose of your story is to inspire people to listen to God, it isn't going to pass the cynicism test. Very sorry to go against the grain. Maybe more details about personal soul searching and personal history of listening to God's voice would help persuade the cynic.

Congratulations on making the showcase!!!! I remember reading this wonderful account of God's voice, and I loved reading it again. Bless you. Cat
Hello; glad to read your article; thought it may be from here in the Uk, but probably Brirmingham, Alabama? Saddened by the cynical viewpoint, because I thought uou did hear God's voice and you and the family have received the results of such attentive listening.
Wow. You wrote this extremely well, and I love that it is now showcased. I agree that the bitter post is way off--God speaks to his children, and he let you know what was important. I hope that it has not stolen any of your joy over hearing his voice that was loaded with so much love.
I just spotted this on the home page and am so glad I took time to read it. It's an awesome, inspiring story and one that needs to be told. Thank you.
Thank you for sharing a small piece of your daughter's story. I'm so thankful to God that He put you in my path tonight. Is good to talk to someone that understands what this disease is like, so much like Chiari. Nice writing, too.