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Lovely devotional that is beautifully illustrated by the wayward horses. The message at the end is a great tie-in to the first part of your article!
Oh how we strain at the restrictions put on us by others (the world). I could identify with your fence mender and was touched by the forgiving manner she had for her animals.
I loved this story! I have six horses of my own, and have found they can provide an untold wealth of writing material! I had three paint colts that I also named the "Three Muskateers" (they ate a Sunbird Convertible). I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Nice devo. I could picture the horses smirk.
This was excellent. Devotionals don't usually hold my attention, but this captivated me. Nicely done.
Great analogy, and I love the bits of humor you worked into this. Fun read.
This was really, really good. Thoroughly enjoyed the quality of writing and the treatment of the subject.