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If nothing else, you've sent me to the Bible to read Ezekiel I find nothing about the topic of Church here; however, I expect to find it the scripture you have referenced. Your verses are lovely and sound like a I must leave my commenting to read what Ezekiel has to say about "The Church". Thank you.
You have some lovely images here. Especially liked the last stanza.
Well, I believe you've written a beautiful narrative about the original Church AND managed to bring in the blood-bought Church also. Master crafting and right on topic, IMHO. It's lovely writing.
First, what is IMHO? Now then, this was interesting - very. So creative. Awesome job and I'll be reading your scripture reference, too!
I'm off to read Ez 16 so I can understand this better. However, my not understanding completely didn't prevent me from enjoying this tremendously. It's just me and poetry. :) Such beautiful rhythm - I love the rhyming pattern and the repeated lines at the ends of the stanzas. I can't wait to find out who this poet is! :) Cat
Me again. Now it all makes sense. :) Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing this. :)
This is excellent in every way--on topic, beautifully written, superb images.

My only nitpick is the title, which doesn't seem to match the tone of this ballad.

This is musical and lovely.
I agree: except for the title, you've created a beautiful allegory of the maiden/bride/church. Your meter is perfect and the narrative flows smoothly. I love it!
Wonderful piece: it reads like a song!
Beautiful! Awesome! and right on topic.
This was very nice, I liked the repeating line with seraching for a beautiful maiden, finding her, etc. Very nice I will have to read Ez 16 for myself. Good job.