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Very creative take on lessons angels must learn, but weak on topic, The Church. I enjoyed the read, however, and especially the various type of tears we earthlings shed...and for what reasons. Well written and intriguing story.
Love the images of bottles of tears, and I adore the voices of both of your characters. Lovely.
Wonderful illustration of God collecting our tears. I like the over-all message that the Church is the people and their joined experiences. Lovely story!
I love the pictures of our tears all collected in bottles - the sad ones and the happy ones. As far as your concern about topic, the main point of your story is an angel's lesson. The lesson is about the Church, but your story centers more around the angels. I think it's a judgment call - some will consider it on, but some may think it a bit off. Hope that helps! I really enjoyed this. When I began reading tonight, I remembered starting this one earlier, but getting interrupted. Glad I saw your brick. :)
The conversation between the angels is a clever way to illustrate your point.

It got me to thinking, though...are there "new" angels? Do angels really have to be "educated"? I don't know, just thinking...

You did a great job with the dialogue, and this moved at a pleasant clip.
Lovely, well-written story. I see where the topic might be considered iffy. But since the wall of bottled tears have come from the church - God's people - I think it works.
I liked this piece with the note of the bottled tears. That always has a special meaning for me. Wonderfully written, with good emotion.