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My first thought was "so creative"; but also so sad, lonely, lost and alone. What a powerful, entertining and unique take on the topic at hand...and I close with the same creative. Very nicely done.
I like your illustration of the tears in a bottle. Lots of us could ask that question. Thank God for the healing power of who we are in Him. This is really well written, a very creative take on the topic.
Beautifully written - and so sad. Great descriptions.
This might be my only read this week, in hospital, so glad yours is what I read:) I can so relate to this girl, I can change her pain to mine and relate:) So sweet. I can remember lots of times when I was a teenager pouring out my problems to God in a journal. You did an AWESOME job! Maybe I need a yellow jellybean, you think?!
Beautifully written! I love the tie-in to the stained glass window and the colorful handful of jelly beans. The prayer for God to put all the pieces together is wonderful.
This beautifully written story made me so sad for all the lonely children who are loved only in God's sight. Great job.
This is so poetic and beautiful. Even the sadness carries a note of hope.
This story made me cry...probably because I can relate to it, as a foster parent. Thank you for posting it. Merry Christmas and have a blessed, great 2008!
Beautiful, poetic writing. I love the imagery, even the sad, because it leads to the brilliant hope in the last jellybean.

Stunning entry.
I sense a truly great breakthrough in your creative writing style in this piece. It is wrought with wonderful allegory that is at times, gut-wrenched in raw, tender emotions. Great job - beautiful!
So honest and passionate, wonderful writing.
This is like a [sensory] palette of colors, some bright - others in smokes and duns, squeezed out of the MC's soul and squirted on the page.
Wow. Incredibly beautiful...and sad at the same time. It captured my interest immediately and held it throughout. Well done.
You truly have the heart of a writer. I love reading your pieces. The descriptions were beautiful. Very well done.
This is quite beautiful and creative. You have so much excellent imagery here. I felt like I was there.
I always love your writing, but I think this has to be my favorite of yours. You did a wonderful job writing this. Great writing my friend.
Daddy, whether this makes sense or not, pick me up and put me together the way you want me to be. Let your light shine through me to be a rainbow to everyone I see. Thank you for my special place here in your house. Thank you for wanting me for choosing me. It feels good to be wanted.

That this could be our prayer everyday, no matter the circumstance. Just a bit of beauty inside the sadness. Well done.

Powerful, powerful expression and imagery...a remarkable gifting and imagination. Utterly inspiring!